You Are Mostly Space
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Most of Matter Doesn't Matter


In Physics 101, they tell you that if you could take all of the empty space out of the Statue of Liberty, it would fit into a teaspoon.  What's the rest?  Nothing!


So what are you and I made of?  Nothing, of course.  If you took all of the empty space out of you and me, we'd both fit into a teaspoon - along with a few thousand of our closest friends.  You can think of yourself as being composed of about 0.00000001% (it's actually MUCH less than that!) something and  99.99999999% nothing.  The something is partly beyond our control.  So how we look, how we act, how we think and how we feel is a function of what we do with . . . nothing.



Bags of Nothing


We are composed of atoms, just like you learned in school.  Every atom is in constant motion.  Your house, table, chairs -  all of the things - the physical objects that exist in the physical world - are all vibrating.  They don't look like they are in motion to you, but if you believe Einstein (trust me, you should believe Einstein) everything is constantly vibrating.  What else is going on that your senses aren't telling you?


Here is a sketch of the atom and the solar system.  They look alike, don't they?  There are a couple of things to observe about them.  The atom is infinitesimally small, and the solar system is gargantuan.  They are scale models of each other; homologues.  Those circles that you see don't exist, they are just there to indicate the paths that the electrons or the planets travel on.  The only thing that exists are the tiny little dot in the middle, and the tiny little dots traveling around it.  The rest of it is nothing.  Not air, not gas, not cosmic vapor, not anything.


You have 7,000 trillion trillion atoms in you.  Here's how you can think of them.  Picture a huge football stadium.  The nucleus (the dot in the middle) is like a grain of rice sitting on the 50 yard line.  The electrons (there are maybe 4 or 6 or 24 of them per atom, depending on which atom it is) are thousands of times smaller than that grain of rice, and they are orbiting somewhere in the cheap seats.   Now imagine that the football field isn't there; only the dots.  That's what you are made of.




The "normal world" is obsessed with the something - the 0.0000001%.  Not me, I'm interested in nothing.  Nothing at all.  If I can get YOU interested in it, you'll experience health, growth, happiness, self improvement and the realization of your full potential.



Every Cell of You Contains All of You


Back in the 50's, 60's and 70's, smart scientists conducted a lot of studies to determine what it is in the brain that gives us thought, reason, recall, logic, intellect - all of those functions and processes that we have come to think of as brain "things".  They began to isolate and identify all of the connectors, ligands, receptors, neuropeptides, etc. that do all that.  Do you know what they found out next?  That all of these things exist in every cell of the body, too.  that means that your toenails think, your bones have reason, your muscles have intellect, your nerves have thought processes - everything is everywhere!


Every cell in your body contains the same memory material as your brain.  Pull one string in the universe and the rest of the universe comes with it.  Convince one little cell in your toenail to make a major change, and the rest of the body-mind-spirit-intellect-ego goes along for the ride.





The mastery of nothing takes us to the interface between magic and science.  The two subjects are the exact same thing!  To read a little about it, click the button below.




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