Energetic Anatomy
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The Body is the Condensation of Thought



Let's say that you and I are getting ready to walk into a room.  Before I open the door, I say to you, "There are two people in this room; a happy guy and a depressed guy.  Your job is to use your psychic powers to tell me which is which."  And so you open the door, and here's what you see . . .



And you can tell immediately which is which.  You don't need any psychic anything . . . you don't need to interview them, talk to them about their childhood, even say "hello".  How do you know?  Because they are wearing it on their body.  The depressed person's body looks depressed - like it took him a long time to construct himself just this way.  If the depressed guy wins the lotto next week, he will be transformed - into a very rich depressed guy.





See this fellow here?  He is rigid - in every sense of the word.  His rigid body was built by his rigid ideas.  He is dependable and dutiful - he is always on time!  He is protective and strong.  If you want to take a walk on a dark street, ask him to come along - you'll be safe.


On the other hand, he is judgmental, unable to "wing it".  He lives is a world of "should" and "good people always . . .", "bad people always . . ."  He has no opinions - it's all hard fact, black and white, my-way-or-the-highway.   He is clean, tidy and organized at all times, and has judgments about anyone who is not.  This means that he cannot let energy flow through him without trying to over-control it, and so he is pinched-off, literally and figuratively.


This guy might spend a lot of time at the gym.  He wants to be a "man of Steel" - an "Iron Man".  (Being made of iron is very unhealthy.)  He is belted in - something about the expansions and releases in his breathing feels like weakness to him, and so he over-measures and over-controls even this primal reflex.  He is anally retentive, posturing his root chakra muscles like an over-clenched fist.


This man is strong but inflexible.  One day in his mid 40's, he may wake up and to discover he has developed hemorrhoids and a heart condition.  He'll say, "How could this happen - I've taken such good care of myself!"


Maybe not.


Can you see how all this is visible just by a look at his body?  He can hide it all under jeans and a baggy t-shirt, but all of the information is right here.  If you know someone who looks like this, I have just described his personality.





How about this woman?  She is just about the polar opposite of our rigid man.  She is not judgmental at all.


This person is a "downer" - you can tell that without my help.  In front of every silver lining is an old gray cloud.  The glass is half empty - and evaporating.  But she is sweet, too.  She is sensitive and caring.  Whereas rigid man will tell you what he thinks, she will tell you how she feels.

She is disorganized and undependable.  She has a thousand things that she'll get around to doing someday.  If she says she'll come over at 7:00, expect her about 8:30.  When she arrives, she'll tell you more about her aches, pains and woes than you really want to hear.  She's not looking for answers, by the way, she just wants indulge herself in her problems.

If you are having a bad day, and you want a hug or a shoulder to cry on, she's the person to go to - not the rigid man, who is uncomfortable with all that.  She'll be genuinely caring, kind and compassionate; but she'll answer your blues by talking about hers, and pretty soon you'll both be miserably depressed!

Again, if you know someone who looks like this, I have described them. 






So what else can we tell from bodies?  See the first picture below?  Do you think a person who is large bottomed and small topped is a result of a different psychological-spiritual-emotional-intellectual profile than a person who is large topped but skinny-bottomed?  Which one would you expect to be more extroverted?  introverted?  What about a person who develops the left side of themselves differently than the right side?


See the angry man and the afraid man (below right)?  Do you think that the posture - the physiology of fear looks a whole like the posture of anger?  Read my root chakra page and you'll find out why.








And so this brings us full circle.   Every little thought you've ever had - every fleeting hope - every irrational fear - all your hopes, dreams and aspirations  . . . weave their way into your physical self.  You wear them like like your own skin, except that they permeate you to the core.  Your physical body is only the condensed accumulation of your energetic - your emotional, spiritual, intellectual, mental self.  The key to understanding your "SELF" - your persona, your health, growth, happiness, self-improvement and realization of your full potential is intrinsically woven into the fabric of your body.  Your bones and muscles; guts and goo; nerves and gears and gismos - these are your soul.  They are the key to understanding how you look, how you act, how you think and how you feel.


None of your components (just like none of the universe's components) function in a vacuum; no part of you is completely healthy unless all parts of you are.  The path to being emotionally healthy or spiritually healthy goes right through your bones , muscles and organs.  The unrealized potential you seek to develop is locked in your gluteus muscles, your knees and toes, your root chakra, and every other place on you.  You will find them when you get over your self-intimidation.  They are the key to health, growth, happiness, self-improvement and realizing your full potential. 



So that's the story in a nine page nutshell.  If you are interested in this subject matter, you can get the full story by reading my book, Energy Contact.  If you have questions that won't wait for the book, drop me a line at joseph@purewhitelight.com







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