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Thank you for your interest in my forthcoming book, Energy Contact.  This page is provided as a service to publishers - although all are welcome to browse. 

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What follows is:

  • A Mini-Proposal

  • a brief abstract or synopsis

  • an amplified table of contents 

  • statistics (word count, etc.)

  • and a few background notes 





ENERGY CONTACT:  A Mini Proposal

© 2003-2009 Joseph L. Willenbrink, III




“Energy Contact” is a self-help, health and personal growth book that treats metaphysical subjects in tangible, practical ways, making them interesting, understandable and enjoyable to people who have not been previously exposed to such topics.  At the same time, there is plenty of material of interest to the more seasoned reader.  While the topic is “new age”, the presentation is refreshingly not.  This hard-to-put-down book informs like a textbook, but reads like a novel.  Please see the attached abstract.






The target audience for this material is in two main groups.  The first group consists of an already well-defined demographic that has interest in self improvement, spiritual and so-called “new age” texts.   

The second group consists of people who have interest in these subjects, but have viewed existing books in the market as being too “spooky”, “airy” or “tree-hugger-y”.  This group will be the “Energy Contact” breakthrough market, as they will be drawn to the practical presentation style.

 Both groups together will translate into extremely high “best-seller” sales numbers.






The author is an excellent speaker, and is ready to work tirelessly to promote “Energy Contact”.  He is seeking a publisher with the resources and volition to arrange book signings, radio and television talk show appearances, workshops and the like.




Similar Titles and Authors


Readers of this book include those who have read such authors as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Eckhart Tolle, Andrew Weil, Barbara Brennan, Bernie Siegel and Louise Hay.  In addition, this book will open up these subjects to an entire new readership who has not had previous exposure to or interest in the above authors.






The author is a student and practitioner of this subject matter.  He is impressive as hell.  Please see the attached “About the author”.  You are encouraged to view the author’s website   The author is currently working on a companion workbook to “Energy Contact”. 

 The author has two other books at the early project stage, one on understanding sexual energy, and another on understanding the power of thought and mind.  Working titles are, respectively, “Sexual Contact” and “Thought Contact”.  These books will be bestsellers in their own right, but each will re-stimulate sales of "Energy Contact", as it presents the foundation upon which they are based.

 Longer term plans include authorship of other titles, including a business management title (the author holds an MBA from UCLA) from a metaphysical perspective. 




Chapter Summaries






Other Considerations


What makes this book so special is that it’s written for everyone!  New-agey people are the world’s worst snobs.  We think four people are interested in this subject matter:

  • Upper-class-to-upper middle class idle soccer moms in their Lexus SUV’s with their “boundaries” and designer spandex yoga unitards – quite unsympathetic
  • Tree-hugging muslin clad hippies with names like “Rainbow” and Moonblossom” - (my people! – but perhaps off-putting to the general public)
  • Pasty skinned, left leaning, angry vegans with angst, misery, attitudes and neuroses – unlovable to all but their own
  • Culty, spooky types  - “out there” on the fringe

These are the audiences to whom everyone has catered; from Deepak to Dyer.  Here’s news!  Pipe fitters, computer data entry clerks, food stamp mommas and salespersons are spiritual, too.  So is much of “Middle America” (whatever that is).  And they would love to know about this – and they NEED the information.  (So do you.)  But nobody is writing for them . . . until now.  That’s why my book is going to be on more bookshelves than Chopra and Dyer combined.  Because I’ve got practical, tangible, news-you-can-use information.  The information in my book is better than theirs, and it’s presented better.  And the news is good!   So some editor is going to get his or her share of the $27.95 that this beautiful hardcover volume will fetch . . . why not you?



Here's a picture of Joseph looking very esoteric and erudite.

Energy Contact

Contacting Energetic Reality from Within Our Physical Bodies


By Joseph Willenbrink 



All of us who search for perfect health and personal growth are aware that medical science has made great strides in improving the quality of our lives.  Before western medicine, we had a life expectancy of 40 years or so.  Now, at 40 we are still just babies.  Western medicine is doing something right.

The medical doctor, though, is a mechanic.  To many, as good as western medicine is, there is an over-emphasis on prescription drugs and cutting people open.  So we have looked for not just quantity of life, but quality of life.  We have looked for alternatives. 

But if the doctor is unaware that we are energy, vibration, and spirit; it seems that energy healers are equally unaware that we are physical.  They may rattle bones or move things around us without touching us, but we know that there is some physical component that is either left out or misunderstood completely.  If we are in the living room and we want a glass of water, we can’t send our astral body into the kitchen to get it.

We are just as much spirit and energy as we are flesh and bones, but we are just as much physical as we are energetic.  To be perfectly healthy, we must make ENERGY CONTACT.  The energetic self must contact the physical self.  This has the effect of integrating us in a disintegrating world.  When we figure out the puzzle of energy contacting the physical, we understand (and indeed become) a perfectly healthy self – body, mind, spirit, emotion, intellect, ego, etc.

ENERGY CONTACT is a compelling hard-to-put-down and  easy-to-digest book.  It informs like a textbook, but reads like a novel.  The subject matter is self explanatory to people brand new to new age subject matter, but will also provide new insights to the metaphysically experienced reader.




 This is a flier for an "Energy Contact" workshop.  This particular workshop took place, obviously, in August, 2003.

Want to see or download the Full, Official Proposal?   CLICK HERE!


Energy Contact

Contacting Energetic Reality from Within Our Physical Bodies

By Joseph Willenbrink

© 2003-2009 Joseph L. Willenbrink, III




Part I                   A Universe United


       I.      Thought Creates Form

Introduces the book, and establishes one of the main tenets, “There is no difference between the body, mind, spirit, emotion, ego, etc.”  The chapter explains how our upbringing in western culture makes this the concept of unity counter-intuitive to us, and what we can do about it.

    II.      Unity in Diversity

This chapter explores the idea of unity in more depth by presenting the wisdom of ancient eastern cultures in a way that those new to the subject can find understandable, interesting and acceptable. 


Part II         The Basis of The Mass Energy Continuum


 III.      Building Ourselves

Covers our self development from conception.  We have awareness long before we are born. Beginning early in our fetal development, we are already aware of whether or not mom is happy she’s pregnant, whether she’s a health food enthusiast or a crack addict.  We build ourselves in response to emotional, physical, and even the hydraulic pressures of the womb.  We have awareness, and we build our physical body accordingly.

IV.      Energy Anatomy

In the womb, we develop into three “layers”; three types of cells: ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm.   In this section we describe how, now that we are adults, these layers have become skin and nerves, guts, muscle and bone, emotion and spirit.  Then we explain how the status of each of these three types of cells has determined, and is still determining, how we build body, mind, spirit, emotions, intellect, etc.

   V.      Structure is Behavior

 In this section, we discuss classic descriptions of body types, and what they say about us.  We cover Ayurveda’s “vata, pitta, kappha” classifications, Hippocrates’ “body fluids” classification, Paracelsus’ thoughts, and 20th century anthropologist William Sheldon’s “somatotypes”.   Then we look at Wilhelm Reich’s contribution to mind-body awareness.

VI.      Sizing Ourselves Up

Now that we know all this, we can take a look at ourselves (and others).  Some people over-bind and over-rigidify.  Other’s slump and deflate.  A depressed person builds him/her self differently than a cocky, happy-go-lucky person.  Same personality types build themselves in similar ways and patterns. Once we know who and what we are, we can change ourselves to our own specifications. 

VII.      Minding Our Bodies

What’s the difference between having flat feet vs. high arches?  A forward tilted pelvis vs. a backwards tilting one?  This chapter describes us body area by body area . . . what “how we’ve built our physical components” says about our intellect, ego, spirit, emotion, moods, etc.

VIII.      Pain and Trauma

One of the main influences in our evolution is pain and how we respond to it.  Pain and trauma shape our body, mind, spirit, emotions, intellect, ego, etc.  The exact same trauma will affect a million different people in a million different ways.  This chapter describes what pain and trauma do to us, how we attract our own suffering, and how to release ourselves from that self-destructive cycle. 

IX.      Energy and  Auras

Through this point, we’ve been discussing how we build ourselves in the physical world in response to physical pleasures, pains and pressures.  Even the mental and spiritual aspects have been developed in response to physical world events.  This chapter is the segue to the energetic self, and how mass and energy interact.

   X.      Spirituality, Religion and Mysticism

In the previous chapter we saw how unseen forces, from the wind to electrical currents to MRI signals, affect us. If the unseen can take these forms, then perhaps it takes other forms as well.  Learning how to manipulate unseen forces is the foundation of all religion and mysticism.  The search for reconciliation and alignment with a superior force is spiritual.   This chapter shows what these forces and searches have to do with how we are built.


Part III        Energy Falls Up


XI.      The Chakras  

Part III goes into detail about the chakras, and how they allow energy to pass through or cause it to block.  This chapter introduces “Kundalini yoga”, from where the chakra concept originated, and describes the who, what, when, where, why, how of chakras so that a novice can understand, while still providing some new interesting information to the “chakra literate”.  The chapters below on each chakra have self explanatory titles.

XII.      The Root Chakra

XIII.      The Pelvic Chakra

XIV.      The Solar Plexus Chakra

XV.      The Heart Chakra

XVI.      The Throat Chakra

XVII.      The Third Eye Chakra

XVIII.      The Crown Chakra 

XIX.      Contacting Ourselves 

We have “built up” and moved upwards along the chakras one-by-one.  In doing so, we have learned a lot about ourselves.  But an assembly of good pieces is insufficient.  We must realize how all things work together to make one whole.  In this chapter we “assemble” all of the chakras, and see ourselves again as one cohesive, connected unit.


Part IV       Rebuilding Ourselves


XX.      Connecting to the Current 

As we approach the conclusion of the book, this chapter begins to pull together all of the information we have presented so far.  We look at personality, what happens when things go wrong, and what happens when things go right.  We examine the qualities of a “healthy” (in body, mind, spirit, emotion, intellect, ego, etc.) person.

XXI.      Rebuilding Ourselves

Now that we know so much, so what?  We have established that we have built ourselves to our own specification but were unaware we were doing so.  This chapter will guide us as to how to un-build ourselves from the unaware specifications and rebuild ourselves with awareness.



 Here's a picture of Joseph educating the masses.  Usually he does this with his eyes open.


Statistical Information

 These statistics apply to the single spaced version of Energy Contact in Microsoft Word – not including introduction, notes, etc.:


  •    156,801 words

  •    725,319 characters (not including spaces)

  •    890,665 characters (including spaces)

  •    14,181 lines

  •    323 pages

  •    2,716 Paragraphs

© 2003-2009 Joseph L. Willenbrink, III


This is a picture of Joseph Willenbrink with his two dogs, Ignacio and Tomás.  Joseph is the one in the middle.

About the Author

Joseph Willenbrink is an “energy worker” with a 30+ year history of success in helping people find healing from all sorts of things with which the standard medical community has difficulty.  He has dedicated his life to studying everything from anatomy to mysticism, in pursuit of understanding the "big picture" of health, growth, vitality and happiness.  A dynamic and engaging speaker, Mr. Willenbrink had been described as " . . . Gandhi meets Dr. Phil . . . with just a touch of P. T. Barnum . . ."  He shares his unique insights in Energy Contact

Mr. Willenbrink is also just a normal guy in the normal world.  He holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of Louisville, an MBA from UCLA (a perennial Top 10 Business School), memberships in a few High IQ Societies, and numerous impressive, important sounding, and ultimately meaningless certificates of various types.


And here's a view of Joseph's many impressive yet meaningless credentials and certificates.  Do you remember what the Wizard of Oz told the Scarecrow?




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