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Healing People. . .

. . . not dis-eases


People heal - dis-eases don't heal.  Managing dis-eases is usually just a waste of time.   We don't want our illnesses to stay around and "be successfully managed", we want them to leave; just go away.  All healing comes from God and from within you.  I simply help catalyze the reaction.  Because of this, I can help you be healed from anything.  No discomfort is too minor or too major. 


Some of the people who come to me are as healthy as can be; they don't need healing at all in the technical sense - they are seekers, or they want their body to look cosmetically better, or they want to be able to focus better when they meditate, or they are athletes wanting to enhance their performance, or actors wanting to stop coming in second at the audition, or they are on a spiritual path . . . or whatever.  You don't have to be sick to get better!


Doctors work on dis-eases - not me.  I don't care about your sickness; I care about your health - I care about YOU.  If you have an illness, my perception of it will often be a lot different from your doctor's diagnosis. 





I am not a doctor, massage therapist, chiropractor, or any other thing.  I have no credentials or licenses of any of those professions.  I do not diagnose, treat, prescribe, adjust, medically advise, or any such thing.  According to the medical and legal communities, my work has no validity whatsoever, and I should be regarded as a complete moron at every level.   If I donít tell you this, compassionate doctors and smart lawyers will put me in jail.





Some things your doctor sees as minor, I see as major.  Some things your doctor sees as major, I see as minor.  I help people from all demographic groups, including people who "don't believe in me".  No belief in anything is necessary, as long as you respect the fact that I believe in me.  This work is not something I "do to you".  It is something we do together.  There are people with whom I have great chemistry, people with whom I choose not to work, and people who choose not to work with me.  Not everyone is pleased with me and/or my methodology.  Some who come to me once do not return, either by their choice, by mine, or both.  I work better with people who generally get along with me, and people who don't put their boundaries and issues in the way of our mutual duties.  If you come to me, you will be (or will learn to be) open to letting the energy flow.


If you have abuse or other deep emotional traumas in your past, it will be difficult for you to not see me as an attacker.  This is a wall that some people cannot get over, but some can.  I understand this difficulty, and move more slowly.  If we can get past the pain, after a short orientation period, we can get phenomenal results very quickly compared to standard psychotherapy, because most psychotherapists do not understand the body-mind-spirit-emotion connection.


Young adults are usually very energetically open to the movement of energy.  I'm great with kids and adolescents.  They are malleable, and do not have stodgy preconceived notions about energy.  Somewhere around the mid-50's people tend to ossify their bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits.  This translates to what we know as "closed-mindedness".  Closed-minded people are hard to work with regardless of age.  In demographic terms, I work well with people aged, say, from 10 to 60 years of age.  Of course, some younger people can sit still well for their age, and some senior people keep themselves spiritually and energetically very open. 



All dis-eases can be healed . . . but not all people 



Why is this so?  It has to do with malleability or the lack thereof.    Some people  are work in progress.  They don't want to be the same tomorrow as they were yesterday.  They are on a spiritual path, even though they may not be at all religious.  They are still evolving - still undergoing the process of creation.  These are the people who say "Please be patient with me - God isn't finished with me yet".  Some people are a completed work.  They see any suggestion as a personal challenge.  They say "I can't change . . . that's just the way I am".  They are no longer being created.  They want someone else (like a doctor - or me) to do their work for them; to "pop" this or that inconvenience out of them.  In which category do you find yourself?


If you see yourself as a strong person who knows exactly what's right and wrong for you at all times; who knows your clearly defined, absolutely firm and un-negotiable boundaries; who demands a professional and clinical atmosphere with clearly defined roles and boundaries on the part of the practitioner; who never lets anyone push you in any way;  who resents someone suggesting that they may have some insight into what you think and why; and who sees all challenges and disagreements as a threat . . . do not come to me.


If you see yourself as a person strongly dedicated to your own growth and evolution; who does not have all the answers but is earnestly seeking them; who is tired of being hemmed in and confined by your own binding limitations; who suspects that there exist truths about healing that are not within clearly defined clinical boundaries; who believes in pushing yourself onward and even being pushed a little bit; who wants to understand more what makes you the way you are - what you think and why; and who sees all challenges as an opportunity to heal, learn, and grow . . . then hurry up and get here.  We've got work to do!


If you are uncertain, but willing to open-mindedly "give it a go", we can probably work very well together.



What do "curable" and "incurable" mean?


I regularly and routinely see people healed from conditions that are "incurable".  This ranges from cancer to chronic minor "cricks and twitches".   So the term is wrong.    What "incurable" means (the way we mis-use it) is that the condition cannot be cured by any outer means, or any systematic means developed by the so-called scientific method.  


It's simple.  You can not be healed from the outside.  Go inside.





My typical clients are people with . . .


  • Physical pathologies / sickness  -   from arthritis to asthma to allergies; from cancer to migraines to lupus to fibromyalgia.

  • Injuries / physical traumas - strains and sprains, accident induced pains, sports injuries

  • Emotional issues and traumas - depression, stress and tension, chronic fatigue, eating disorders, panic disorders, unresolved major abuse and relationship issues to minor neuroses.

  • "Blocks" - barriers of all kinds, from writers block to four minute miles

  • "Ruts"  -  that string of bad luck that gets you down and won't let you up.  From one bad relationship to another, from one bad job to a worse one.  Ruts are like graves with the ends kicked out.

  • A desire to change their appearance/shape - Many people are not happy with their anatomy.  Some people accept the falsehood that they are stuck with the shape of their bodies, or that they can only modify their form through plastic surgery.  I can do naturally that for which people pay thousands to get artificially.   I can also eliminate "surface disorders" such as rashes, acne, dermatitis, eczema.

  • Great Health -  people who are vibrant and healthy and want to be more vibrant and healthy. Yogis and dancers, gymnasts and martial artists who want to be more flexible.  Actors and performers who want to unlock the creative power within.  Professionals who want to have more "work focus" at work and "home focus" at home . . . etc.



There are dis-eases which your doctor thinks are more serious than I do.  Please remember, I am not a medical professional, and I will never tell you to ignore your doctor.  But if you are going to have elective surgery (to repair discomfort that is not otherwise damaging you) you should see me first.  Also, if you are recovering from a such a surgery (especially orthopedic and/or muscular), you should come see me.




Please email me with any questions or comments at any time.  joseph@purewhitelight.com


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