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To Get What You Want from the Mystic


. . . You've got to give the mystic what he wants



Mysticism is not what you think it is, but mystics are truly powerful people.  While there are few mystics, you can pass by them every day and not know that you've done so.  Therefore be very careful about being rude to someone who gives you a kind greeting.  (You should be kind to all people anyway!  If you aren't, what's wrong with you?!)  You hear of witches, wizards, sorcerers . . .   In Spanish, the word for mystic is "brujo" or "bruja".  It's the same word for "witch" although brujos in this context are not witches.   In India, a couple of the many words are "rishi" and "siddha".   Other cultures have their words, too.  It's all the same. 


If you have found a cool mystic in your life - congratulations!  Most people don't get one!  But treat that opportunity with respect and reverence, because you won't get a second opportunity.


 Here are the basic rules for getting what you want from the brujo:

  1. Always, always, always keep the brujo happy with you.

  2. Never, never, never ever get the brujo mad at you.

  3. If you feel you absolutely MUST do something to make the brujo mad at you, see rule #'s 1 & 2.

  4. To get what you want from the brujo, you must give the brujo what he wants.  You aren't absolutely obligated to give the brujo whatever he wants, but if you don't, you aren't going to get whatever you want. 

  5. Listen to what the brujo says, and do what he tells you.  If you are wise, show a little enthusiasm about it.  Don't whine.   The brujo likes enthusiasm.

  6. You will have a much better chance to get what you want from the brujo if the brujo likes you.  You cannot get anything from the brujo if he doesn't like you, but you can do things that make him like you.  It's your responsibility to keep the bujo interested in you.  Do everything you can to cause the brujo to like you, and avoid doing things that will cause him to dislike you, get mad at you or lose interest.

  7. You cannot make the brujo do anything he doesn't want to do, so you need to influence what he wants to do in your favor.  To do that, see rule #'s 1 - 6.

  8. Don't hang out with dark brujos, because they are going to want dark things that you don't want to give to them, and they are going to get mad at you and dislike you.

  9. Do not mess with brujos - dark ones, light ones, whatever.  Do not give them "attitude".  Do not insult them.  Never talk about them behind their back.  

  10. If ever the brujo offers you kindness - does work on your behalf at your request - spends effort, time, resources to help you - things like that - always show kindness and gratitude.  Kind acts which are met with suspicion, grief, cynicism, disrespect, mistrust, etc. will get the brujo very, very mad at you, and he will not like you (see rules # 2 & 7)

  11. Many are called, but few are chosen.  That's why there are so few brujos.  They may look wimpy, but they are powerful.  They may look normal, but they are not. 

  12. If by chance you have already broken one or more of these rules, go find the brujo - humble yourself; apologize. Bring a gift.  Find out what you can do (you will have to do something, I'm sure) to atone.



The dreams of the upright are made manifest to them . . .


Some people are surprised when I tell them that they have to give the brujo what he wants, but there's really nothing unusual about it.  Better things happen to people who can be pleasantly compliant.  Agreeable people are generally happy - and happy people are agreeable.  In your career, to get what you want from your boss (ie raises, promotions) you have to give the boss what (s)he wants.  To get good grades in school, you have to complete your assignments in the manner that the professor wants them done.  To have harmony with your partner, you must be easy to get along with.  These are simple rules of life.  Here's another way to look at it - what if someone was rude and inconsiderate to you, and then started asking you for favors?


Athletes in training must trust the fact that their coach knows more about how to get them in shape than they know themselves.   They must do what the coach says without questioning or challenging.   Apprentices must trust their mentors.  People who go to a church should listen to the advice of their pastor - if they cannot, they are in the wrong church!  When you go to a medical doctor, you listen to his/her diagnosis and directions, and subordinate your own ideas to theirs.  If you are looking for a brujo, you are looking for a coach or a guru of sorts - at least to a small extent.  Conduct yourself accordingly.



. . . but the fears of the unjust come to pass



Here's another way to look at it.  The reason you take a class in school, or go to a doctor, or become an apprentice, find a yoga teacher . . . whatever . . . is because you need some help and advice.  Otherwise, you'd just do it yourself!  So when you go to one of these resources, it stands to reason that you will be asked to do something different or new; that might seem weird to you - otherwise you'd have done it already. 


The best thing you can do for yourself is to move on past old belief systems, break through old boundaries and move forward.  To do that, sometimes you have to think differently - move outside of yourself, listen to what someone else says, and do what they tell you.  If not, you just end up doing the same tired old thing - again and again - and getting the same tired old result - again and again.


Yet history tells us that people do not revere prophets, saints and saviors.  They have contempt for them more often than not - and often kill them, in fact.  (Jesus, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Bobby Kennedy, John Kennedy, John Lennon - the list is endless . . .)  We shoot messengers; kill the geese that lay the golden eggs; burn witches at the stake.  Sad to say, this is what the majority of people do, and they are miserable, pathetic beings with crappy little mediocre lives filled with sickness, fear and misery.  I'm calling you out!  The path to your health, growth and self improvement requires that you be the exception.


Often I see people being rude or off-putting to people who would otherwise be benevolent towards them.  Isn't that stupid?   When someone you pass on the sidewalk gives you a polite "hello", do you see that as a kindness offered, or do you turn away in anger, suspicion or cynicism?  Your answer to that question speaks volumes about you, and to whether you can expect to meet your best dreams or your worst fears.





What does mysticism have to do with modern science?


By now you are thinking, how did you get from Einstein to magic?  If we are mostly nothing, as Einstein says, then the nothing can be managed and manipulated.  That's sort of what we do with radio waves and cell phone signals.   Looking at it another way, if there is no difference between mass and energy, mysticism has to do with the management of the very real but invisible energy component, which if you have read the previous page, is at least 99.9999% of everything!


Today's science is yesterday's mysticism, and what we consider mystical today, will be ho-hum high school science in a few generations.  If I would have told you 150 years ago that there was no difference between mass and energy, I would have been burned at the stake in the town square for witchcraft - but Einstein proved it in the early 20th Century.


It wasn't until LATE in the 20th Century that science had an inkling about the physiological basis for emotion.  Scientists were looking at what it is in our brain that gives us thought, logic, intellect, reason, recall - all of those things that we've always thought were brain things.  As they began to isolate the components - the ligands, effector proteins and receptors, the neuropeptides and all of the wires, synapses, switches and gizmos that bring these things about - they found out something that astounded them.  Theses things are not isolated in the brain, or in the central nervous system.  They populate and permeate every cell of our body.



Your toenails are very smart


This means that your toenails think - your muscles have reason, your bones have recall, your organs have intellect - everything has everything!  There is no difference between anything and anything.  Thick mass is the same as invisible energy - and by the way, thick mass isn't thick - it's a bunch of those little bags of nothing vibrating about.   Frequencies - flows - vibrations - wavelengths - all in constant motion and all invisible are what give mass its substance.  Magic?  Of course.  But hard science, too; hard science only as of the past 30 years or so.  Old mystics knew this stuff 8,000 years ago!


I talk a lot about the old yogis - the wise mystics and seers were referred to as "rishis".  I use them for my example, but they are not the only ones.  All over the world, every culture had their wizards: Celtic mystics, African mystics, Chinese mystics, Native American mystics - you name it.  They were all saying and and seeing and doing just about the same thing in a time when there was no communication between them.


If these guys were so smart, why was the world so unhealthy?  Why was life expectancy so short?  Because they were a small minority of misfits even then.  Hardly anybody listened to them.  People didn't listen, and they did things to get the mystics mad at them.  Hmmm.  Some things do not change over time. 


Millennia ago, you could expect to die from trauma or bacteriological infection.  These are the two things that western medicine are best at!  Western medicine shines at emergency medicine, which doesn't require people to adapt a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, it allows you to "get away with" a more unhealthy lifestyle, as it gives you pills to correct some of the harm you do to yourself.  Unfortunately, there are not enough pills to undo the harm that the pills do to you.






Many are called . . .


In almost every old tale where people go to witches or mystics or sages, there is always the part where the witch says, "Before I give you what you want, you must . . ."   (My favorite example is in Monty Python's Holy Grail, where they say, "Bring us a shrubbery!")  But it is a constant theme in every fairy tale and legend.  There's a reason for that.   Most people say things like "I've tried thousands of things, and nothing has worked".  In fact, they have not.  They have tried ONE thing thousands of times.  Duh.


Back in the olden days, it worked like this:

  •      Out of all the people, only a few became seekers

  •      Out of all the seekers, only a few became "initiates"

  •      Out of the initiates, only a few made it to the higher initiations

  •      And out of those, a few were "chosen"

It's an obstacle course; it's supposed to be.  It's designed to weed out the faint of heart.  (Read Jesus' parable of the sower and the seed [Matthew 13:1-23]).


So it may happen that your brujo isn't just your brujo, but is also your guru - either literally or at some much more informal level.  If you want the mystic to impart information to you; if you want something that he's got, want to know something that he knows, etc.,  then you sign on as an apprentice or disciple of sorts, whether you realize it or not.  Listen to what the guru says and do what he tells you!   Do a favor every now and then.  Always trust him; the guru is insulted by mistrust, and will "shut you down" immediately.  Indulge him.  Even if it doesn't seem related to the subject matter at all.  (Remember Mr. Miyagi from "The Karate Kid"?  "Wax the car."  "Paint the fence".)  Stop being so self-absorbed!  It's myopic.  The way to get what you want from the brujo is to give the brujo what he wants, and he wants you to listen to what he says and do what he tells you.  I cannot make this any clearer, yet many - even many "spiritually advanced" seekers won't "get it".  They will selectively listen to the parts they want to hear - ONLY - and ironically, those are the things they don't need the guru for in the first place.   This could very well describe YOU!!  Remember - many are called . . .



The initiates into "ancient mystery spiritual practices" are the models of what modern religions - as dilute and vapid as they are - practice today.  See if this doesn't sound a little bit like what went on in your stodgy old establishment church growing up:  The faithful, who had somehow proven some level of faithfulness were first brought into the "lower" grades of initiation.  The purpose of those were to convey to the seeker information about the nature of the higher worlds and higher callings.  Those who made it though moved up to the next level.  The purpose of the higher degrees was to bring the seeker into direct contact with the beings who inhabit higher worlds.  Of those who were called, few got there.  Even fewer got the call in the first place.  Many (i.e. Some - but not all, or not even most) are called . . .




 . . . but few are chosen


Every apprentice needs a master craftsman.  Every student needs a teacher.  What they get is not usually what they want or visualize.  Your brujo may become your guru at some level, but your guru will not not at all be what you expected.  Then after your brujo becomes your guru, your guru may become your angel.   If you have a "condition", from cosmetic to life threatening - and if the conventional channels aren't getting you from where you are to where you want to be, you are going to have to do something different.  In order to do that, you may need to find yourself a brujo. 


You are probably thinking of the stereotypical person-with-the-crystal-ball type person.  These people are entertainers more often than not.  Expand your horizons.  Above, I said that in order to get what you want from the brujo, you need to give him what he wants.  Well if what he wants is for you to take a thousand dollars and bury it in his back yard at midnight, he is probably a phony.  Just in case, don't make him mad, just politely say "thank you" and walk away.


Most real mystics aren't like that at all.  True "seeing" ability requires goodness almost always.  Selfish, greedy or otherwise flawed people don't have what it takes to develop their scientific skills to understand the energetic field.  But just like Darth Vader had the force, there is a dark side to mysticism.  The power to heal and repair is also the power to injure or harm.  Like hot and cold, pleasure and pain - they are two sides of the same coin.  (That is just a part of why you want to pay attention to rule # 1 above.)   When you start messing around with magical things, the power is like electricity.  It can give you light and warmth, or it can shock and kill you.  Handle it responsibly. 


People love mystics, and more people hate them!  Why do you think they kill saints and prophets?   Mystics get met with a lot of misunderstanding, suspicion and contempt, and they have a little attitude about it.  (What if you did nice things for people, and they gave you mistrust and contempt rather than thanks?)  People fear what they do not understand.   If that describes you, that very fear, anger, closed-mindedness, cynicism and hatred will make you sick, then it will kill you - just like the rest of the many.  But just maybe someone or something will call you out.


To find the light place, you have to make it though the dark place.  When you find a good mystic, he will tell you things that seem counterintuitive at first.  He'll perhaps immediately touch the core of your pathology, which will make you uncomfortable, defensive or infuriated.  He'll scare you! but he won't hurt you.  He'll enjoy your journey, but he will not gratify himself at your expense.  Your response to these things will reveal whether you are one of the many or one of the few.  Odds are, you are one of the many - what do YOU think?



The Power to Heal is the Power to Harm! 


Some people understand how to wield the unseen energetic reality.  Usually, by the time they have mastered this, they do not care to be carnival acts and TV novelties.  They have nothing to prove and no one to impress.  They lose their profit motive and replace it with prophet motive!  But they DO perhaps have some "delicate sensitivities" - just like anyone else.  People such as these can be an invaluable resource to you, but just like all forms of power, they can "burn" you, too.  They may not turn you into a frog, but those stories didn't come from nowhere.   So those wacky people who talk about family curses, spells, a strand-of-your-hair, talismans and all that are right - at least to some extent.  The brujo does not have to be physically near something to affect it - he can do it from around the world!  If a person is capable of sending you "peace, love and positive energy" he/she is  also capable of sending you "turmoil, hate and negative energy".  Why?  Because theses pairs of opposites are just that; opposite sides of the same coin - the same way that the electricity in your house that runs all of your appliances can electrocute you in moments - the same way that the same water that keeps you alive will also drown you.  In fact, it's easier to break things than it is to fix them.  Destruction is easy - construction takes work.  The brujo knows that.


Most powerful mystics are evolved and very "light".  They are conflict averse.  You can be rude to them, and they will just give you a dumb Gandhi-like smile.  You might even think that pushing them around is a good thing (some quasi-pseudo-new-agey folks might call it stupid things like "taking your power back".)  If that's you, go ahead - enjoy.  Your enjoyment will be short-lived.  I've seen terrible things happen to people - traffic accidents, runs of bad luck, thefts and violent attacks, illnesses, depressions, suicides - you name it. 


Why would a "light" brujo do these things?  Usually because of the feeling that someone has taken his gifts of kindness and defiled them with contempt, non-gratitude, or whatever.  Oh! and never let it get back to a brujo that you've been talking "stuff" about him behind his back.  Are you crazy?!  And you wonder why your life sucks?  I'm amazed that things aren't worse! But they'll get there.  Anything that involves returning rudeness and "negative energy" for a gift of "positive energy" is unevolved and insulting by its very nature.  The Brujo does not want to know that he has wasted his time and energy casting pearls at swine.  As well, it's not always the mystic - sometimes other forces get involved.  Most brujos have a posse, and sometimes it's the universal energy field itself.  The people who harmed great saints like Gandhi, Jesus, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, etc. did not do very well.  The "spell" was cast from beyond the grave - so even killing a mystic will not save you from the harm you can endure.  If you've ever done anything rude, harmful, ungrateful or contempt-ful to a kind and powerful person, go back; apologize - find that brujo and ask what it will take to get off of his black list.  It will probably be a lot!  But do it!


But hang on - I'm starting to sound like "Dungeons and Dragons".   To find the light place, you have to make it though the dark place, so let's say we've accomplished that, and end our discussion on a positive note.  Wise mystics seek seekers.  They are looking for people who can "get it"; to whom they can be generous - and they know that they have to go through a few oysters to find the pearls.  People on a "spiritual path" (whatever that is) tend to find a brujo, but even so, many are called, but few are chosen, and if you are not chosen - it's better not to have been called.  We'll let this be vague for now, but if you find a wise mystic with whom to consult from time to time, you are fortunate indeed.  If you seek the generosity of powerful people, you want to conduct yourself with a genuine, humble, grateful kindness of your own. 


Kindness is the greatest wisdom.  Be kind.  Treat all people kindly at all times.  If you follow this simple rule, you'll have a wonderful life!  And if you find a brujo, respect him.  Listen to what he says and do what he tells you - then offer him gratitude.




Before you can really understand the whole business about auras and chakras and kundalini energy, you have to come to terms with mysticism.    If you have not done so or choose not to do so, reading the next pages won't do you tons of good, but you are welcome to view them anyway!  What can it hurt!?  If you have done so, you will certainly want to click the button below.



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