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Really, all you need to know about Energy Contact is in the summarized information on the previous page. 

So even though everything you need to know is on the previous page, I realize that we are in an industry with a long-held tradition of doing things in certain ways.  I realize that proposals are in a particular format for a reason that has proven to be tried and true over years (although I do not know what that reason is), but there is something about them that is dry and lifeless.  While the following proposal represents the book accurately, there is a life, charm and charisma to my book - and my message - that the proposal does not accurately convey.  It is like looking at the picture of a healthy person, and wondering why the photograph isn't breathing.  If you've gotten this far, you've already gone outside the lines of what just might be an archaic system of wickets.  I commend you for that, and I THANK YOU for your interest.  It's people like you who are discovering the new talent and making the big bucks.

But still, perhaps you want to see a full proposal prepared in the customary manner, and maybe you want to do it without the red tape of phone calls and the U.S. Mail.  I commend and thank you again.  I need to get on with the program of book signing tours and seminars, as well as continue working on my next best sellers.  The sooner I can get this one in the bookstores the better for all of us.

The proposal is on the next page.  You can read it on line, or download it in either Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Format.  To get there, all you have to do is fill out my little form, and click.  Not all fields are required, and I promise not to pester you - this is just a bit of due diligence and data control.   Thanks again.

You'll notice agent information on the proposal.  That information is obsolete.  I am in the process of seeking new representation, and will remove the reference as soon as "all the dealin' is done".  Thanks for understanding.



Please provide the following contact information (* denotes required field):




Online by clicking here. Thank you!



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