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We Build Ourselves to our Own Specifications

Body sculpting means changing your shape.  We know intuitively that when we feel better, we look better.  Things about your body that you think you're "stuck with" can change . . . dramatically.  I have no problem with a little bit of vanity.  As one cosmetics company says, "The better you look, the better I look."  Be healthy.  Be at Peace.  Look good.


This page is currently undergoing some major reconstruction.  Thank you for your patience.

Any physical changes are possible - regardless of what you've been led to believe.  Below, I'll briefly cover the three most common appearances issues for which people come to me.

  • Breasts  -  You can change the size and shape of your breasts.  I've had success with women who want a little more, women who want a little less, and women who are happy with size, but want more shape, "lift", firmness, whatever.  To learn a little more about this click here.

  • Weight - Weight is much more a function of the mind than the body.  Changing the way your body-mind-spirit relates to food will change your body size dramatically.  People have come to me to take pounds off, put pounds on, or to "redistribute" the pounds they already have.  But most people who come to me are concerned with weight loss, and a bit of redistribution to go with it - that's what we'll focus on below.

  • Structure  - Structural issues have to do with bones, muscles and joints and how they shape you.  This can cover anything from bowed shoulders to skinny calves to duck butts and sway backs, lopsidedness, and a myriad of other "shape things".

The sections referred to are not in place yet.  Come back soon, or just contact me.  Thank you for your patience.


The reason you think the way you think, feel the way you feel, act the way you act, and look the way you look is because you've built yourself that way! 

What do you like most about the way you look?  What do you like the least?  Ever wonder just exactly what is is that makes look just that way?  Well it's you!  You constructed yourself by a number of means -  by looking and imitating parents and adults, by responding to traumas, through your internal functions and dysfunctions, all sorts of things. 

So if you built yourself, why aren't you happy with it, and why can't you change it?  Because you built yourself in a state of un-awareness . . . you didn't know what you were doing!?  You are still building yourself at this moment, and you are most likely still not aware that you are doing so.  What's the solution?  It's simple.  Become aware!!  Once you do that, all you have to do is un-build the parts you don't like, and rebuild them they way you want.  It's that simple in concept, but as you know, there are a few kinks and wrinkles (literally and figuratively) to work out.  

Diets and exercise programs DO NOT WORK, because they are all about behaving in a manner contrary and incompatible with your nature (They call that "will power" - and, to repeat myself, it does not and cannot work).  

So if we cannot win the fight against our nature, what can we do? . . . Change our nature . . . to a cooperative one.



Changing Your Shape

Body sculpting means changing your shape.  Energy converts mass (this is not "new age" - ask your physics professor about E=mc2).  Changing your "energetic posture" is not difficult, and once it changes, your relationship to gravity will change.  Once that happens, mass (the physical you) will change by itself.  

I can help you change your shape better than a cosmetic surgeon can!     Having a gut that you can't get rid of, breasts you aren't pleased with, etc.  . . .  it's no different energetically than having a sore throat you can't get rid of.    Before you go to a plastic surgeon, call me.  I am cheaper, more natural, and have no side effects.

To change your relationship to gravity, we will change the way muscle fascia holds muscle.  (I won't go into fascia here, but you can read about it on one of my Energy Healing Pages.)  This will change your shape in real and positive ways.  Guts, love handles, saddlebags, and spare tires diminish; chests expand.  In men, “truck driver bellies” pull in.  In women, breasts get larger and firmer, and bellies  and waistlines pull in, making you more hourglass shaped.  In everyone, spines straighten, sway backs and duck butts flatten out, cellulite diminishes, loose skin tightens, and posture improves.  In short, you’ll likely receive naturally what many people pay thousands to get artificially.  

This is not magical or mystical.  It is a normal and natural function of having yourself in healthy alignment, with a unobstructed energy flow, in cooperation with gravity.  Society values these good looks because they look healthy.  Ultimately, excellent health is cosmetically pleasing, and sexy.  This makes one wonder about things like anorexic models, and such things that have an unhealthy energy.  But for the most part, healthy looks good, unhealthy looks bad.

Different people have different natural shapes.  We all have our individual genetic baggage.  If I look at you, I can give you a good idea of how much change you can get.  Sometimes, if you want to change your shape, you'll have to put in effort too.  For example, if you're overweight, you can't expect to live on beer and pork rinds just because I'm moving your energy.  Sorry.  But even if you are a little overweight, underweight, etc., I can probably offer you improvement over how you are now.

Ayurveda (Ancient Indian Medicine - the fore-runner of Chinese Medicine) has much to say about body shapes and body types . . . and they're right.  There are Ayurveda sites on the web, and I say a little bit about it on one of my "Energy Healing" Pages.  


Make peace, not war, with your nature

We are marketed to fight our nature.  Take the weight loss companies, for example.  They take a celebrity, put him or her on the program, and then show the new skinny celebrity a few months later.  The public is amazed, and everyone signs up.  The weight loss company makes a lot of money.

But where are those skinny celebrities today?  They are sitting on their once again fat butts! . . . That's where.  Because ultimately, we return to our nature.  A skinny person with a fat persons nature will be a fat person soon enough.

They spent a few months saying "I want mashed potatoes.  I want chocolate.  I want pasta . . . but no!  I'm strong"  They may have indeed been strong, but nature and gravity are stronger, and always win.  What about people who get thin and stay that way?  They are the one's who have succeeded in changing their nature.  And they are not miserable doing without.

I have used a weight example, but bowed shoulders or knobby knees are no different.  If you take part in your own evolution, you will be both the sculptor and the sculpture.




This page is still not complete, so come back in the future for more on all of these subjects.  If you want to discover how much I can change your shape, contact me.

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