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The Principals of Total Health



You are the key to your own health, growth, happiness, self improvement and the realization of your full potential.  You can do it!  No medicine, no drug, no therapy, no "energy healer" and no doctor can cure anybody from anything.  The only person that can make you sick is you – therefore, the only person that can heal you, is you.  Doctors and drugs treat illness and suppress symptoms, but they do not treat the person.   It is your mental, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical behavior that makes you sick or healthy.  Stop looking outside yourself for miracles - they are inside you.

If somebody tells you they can heal or cure you with either medicine or magic, they are either incorrect or lying!  There is no magic pill, no mystical spell.  There is nothing out there!  It's all inside you.  There is only the optimum function of your own self healing power to get and stay healthy!  What I can do is teach you how to help yourself get well.


I use the phrase "my practice of energy healing".  It is an inaccuracy used on purpose.  I do not claim nor feel any ownership of any kind, but wish to emphasize that I do not speak for any other person or group.  I believe my concepts to be universal, but do not care to enter into debate or dispute about this sub-topic or that fine point.  Also, remember that I am not a doctor nor a member of the medical community.  I make no medical assertions or claims of any kind.


Life is breath, pulse, vibration, rhythm, frequency, and constant motion.  This is evidenced by the fact that it is when you are the most still and quiet, that you are the most aware of your breath and pulse.  Life is energy, and therefore energy has a pulse, breath, and rhythm of it’s own.   Due to things like trauma, heredity, emotion, biomechanics, toxicity . . . the energy flow in us becomes impeded.  A large portion of our work consists of locating those blockages and un-blocking them.  


Energy always moves mass.  Ask anyone who has ever seen a bomb go off, or who was "pushed" by wind that they could not see.  These used to be the words of the lunatic fringe, but then this fellow Einstein came along.  Now they are words of scientific fact.  


Below is some general information about the energy work that I practice.  If you were to be my client, we would both have work to do.  Therefore, the following is information about what we are, and what we are not. 


If this, or anything else prompts a question or comment, please contact me.





What we are, and what we are not


  • I am not a doctor, nurse, psychologist, physical therapist, masseur, massage therapist, chiropractor, etc.  I do not diagnose, treat, prescribe, nor perform chiropractic adjustments.

I have a doctor, and when I feel I need his help, I go to him, listen to what he tells me, and do what he says.  You should, too.  It is your responsibility to make sure your doctor is supportive of your receiving this type of therapy.


  • I am not affiliated with any group.     

I am not affiliated with any group, nor do I represent or promote the philosophies or ideas of any organization whatsoever.  I do not espouse the beliefs of any religion.  I have not taken The Hippocratic Oath or any other oath, and do not subscribe to anyone else’s moral, ethical, or practical codes.  I am not a member of the medical community and do not behave as if I was.


  • You do not need to have faith in any belief system.   

          As a part of my practice, I draw upon and speak about principles and beliefs, based upon my experiences and studies in many diverse areas; from Rolfing to Reiki, from Hellerwork to Healing Touch, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and somatic, psychic, and energy studies, observations, and conclusions.  I have strong spiritual convictions, and hope that you do, too.  My work is eclectic, and draws upon many of these disciplines and beliefs.  You are not required to “buy in” to anything, only to respect the fact that I do.


  • This work is not for everyone.   

My work is not for everyone - in fact it is probably for a very small percentage of the population!  Please read around this website very carefully.  Read the Energy Healing 101 Section and the Session Format section.  It is the goal of this website to help you in your decision making process.   After looking through, you will have a definite conclusion as to whether we are a good match or not.  Many are called . . .


  • You don’t have to be sick to get better.     

Because I use the terms “healer” and “empath” does not imply that you must be sick to benefit from our sessions.  To “heal” is to be “whole”.  The healthy stay healthy by being concerned with their wholeness.  Healing comes from God and from within you.  Sicker people than you, and healthier people than you, have found healing and peace in these sessions.


  • This is not massage therapy.    

While my work has a massage component, it is radically different from what people go for when they go to “get a massage”.   My typical work is more intense, working on the whole self, not just muscles and joints.  Really, I am not a typical anything, and I do not have a typical session format.  My goal is not to make you feel cosmetically better for a little while.  My goal is to help you change your life permanently and dramatically in a positive way.   I expect the extraordinary and/or miraculous every time we get together, and hope that you do, too.  It is your session, and you are in control.


  • Your body-emotion-mind-spirit is one unit.

These parts of you are not related, intertwined, connected, or anything like that.  They are all the same, and they are one.  People give your “parts” many names; soul, intellect, ego, id, etc.  It doesn’t matter.  They are the same.  For that reason, emotional and so-called “psychological” stuff, often very private and close to your heart, comes out when we do so-called bodywork.  Laughter, tears, emotional swings, etc. are quite possible in our sessions.  For this reason, we must build trust in each other, and I promise to be worthy of your trust.   


  • Your body-emotion-mind-spirit is your property.     

          You have no bad parts, dirty parts, nasty parts, etc.  You DO have private parts.  These private parts start just above the top of your head, go down just below your feet, and out and around your whole person.  Please never let me nor anyone touch ANY of these parts without your permission.


  •  There is no “expected behavior” from you.    

This is your session, and as mentioned above, you are in complete control.  However, while there are no expectations from you, there are certain ways I do things, many of which are explained in this document.  If you take issue with any of my core tenets, you may be coming to the wrong place. 


  • You are in control of everything we do together.    

This work is about touch.  If being touched is a concept that is repulsive to you, go away; you are in the wrong place. While I am very intuitive, it is up to you to express comfort and discomfort.  I will assume that you are comfortable with me touching you unless you express to me otherwise.   This is the concept of  “implied consent”, and it is in full force in our sessions.  I won’t “do” anything to you that you don’t want done.  No means no.


  • You can depend upon 100% confidentiality.          

Everything we do is completely confidential.  If you were referred to me, you never have to worry that anything will get back to that person, or anyone else.  During the course of our work, you may decide to confide in me things that few other people know.  It is important that you are secure that I don’t judge, and I don’t tell.  The one and only exception to this would be if you told me that you were planning to commit a felony, (especially involving doing harm to yourself or another person) where the law and my morals would require me to take action.  


  • I will push your boundaries    

          We all have boundaries, and they can be functional.  Boundaries also constrict our ability to grow in new dimensions.   Should you become defensive,  you will likely try to barricade yourself behind contrived boundaries.  This is your choice, of course, but it will prevent you from getting better.  Remember, you don’t have to believe anything, there is no expected behavior from you, and you are in control. However, I will push you to shed your old skin and grow.  I am likely to question everything you believe in, as your sacred cows might be holding you back.  I do not hold your boundaries in as high esteem as you do.

  • “Body Sculpting” is a real event, and really happens.                

Among other things, we will change your relationship to gravity, and change the way muscle faschia holds muscle.  (It is beyond the scope of this document to explain this in detail, but let’s discuss it.)  This can change your shape in real and positive ways.  Guts, love handles, saddlebags, and spare tires diminish; chests expand.  In men, “truck driver bellies” pull in.  In women, breasts get larger and firmer, and bellies pull in, making you more hourglass shaped.  In everyone, spines straighten, sway backs and duck butts flatten out, cellulite diminishes, loose skin tightens, and posture improves.  In short, you’ll likely receive naturally what many people pay thousands to get artificially.


  • I will leave you in better shape than I found you.   

Whatever we do together, you will leave feeling relaxed, and in some way, feeling more alive and aware of yourself.  My goal is to help you change your life permanently and dramatically in a positive way.  These changes may be subtle or big; but they will be real. I cannot guarantee (other than a refund for your session) any form of healing, but I can promise that if you expect a miracle, you’ll receive one.  


  • There are times when these sessions can be bad for you.

There exist contra-indications for physical manipulation, sometimes in general, or sometimes just for the specific area of occurrence.  These can include, but are not limited to, fevers, infections, edema (swelling), inflammations, burns, high blood pressure, infectious viral conditions, skin rashes, some cancers, recent surgeries.  Sometimes, it is controversial whether massage-type work is contra-indicated or not.   It is your responsibility to check with your doctor, obtain his or her permission, and disclose to me anything that you think could be a contra-indication.


  • You are not welcome to make me sick

If you have anything contagious, it may be more than just a contra indication.  It may make me sick.  If I get sick with something contagious, I cannot practice.  This would be inconsiderate, to say the least.  If you think you may have anything contagious, please call me to discuss whether we should postpone our session.


  • You may experience “Healing Crisis”, or “Post-session Remorse”.      

Rarely, clients experience “healing crisis”, which means that you feel worse for a while before you feel better. (This concept is known as “Meigen” or “Menken” in Japanese Medicine.)  Because of increased circulation, if you are about to catch a cold or other “bug” type of sickness, the session will cause it to “come on” quicker (and also go away quicker).  Because emotions may release that have trapped inside you for years, your protective mechanisms might “kick in” a day or two after the session.  This rarely happens, but is usually manifested by mild depression, a feeling that you’ve been invaded or violated, or anger (often at people in your past, sometimes at yourself . . . or me).  As you move beyond healing obstacles, you empower yourself to heal and grow.


  • Many people experience one or more of the following for a few days after a session:  


    •  mild muscle soreness, like the feeling one gets after a workout in the gym

    • very mild bruising

    • very small, light skin rashes that "travel" to different spots on the body

    • a feeling like you’re going to catch a cold (you won’t, except as noted above).

    • mild emotional swings of the softer, more tender emotions

    • recall / reliving / revival of old memories

    • creative energy (for example, artist’s block often unblocks).

    • vivid dreams

    • psychic hyper-awareness 


            All of these things are healthy.



Your good will and positive energy are important to me.  If you pray, pray for me.  My work in this area depends upon your positive feedback to me, to God, and to people that you recommend to me.  If someone referred me to you, please let me know who that person is.  May peace, love, and understanding prevail on earth and in our hearts.







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