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This is the first of nine pages of background information on the subject of energy healing, mysticism, chakras, auras . . .



Energy Healing – A Brief Background



Energy Healing is mystical and scientific at the same time.  Everything about energy behaves Einstein's Laws.  Only ignorance brings skepticism.


Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity (that's where E=mc2 came from) is the most important piece of science ever discovered.  He published the work in 1905.  Do you know when he received the Nobel Prize for it?  Never.  It was so "out there" that the rest of the scientific community just ignored it.  By the time they could ignore it no longer, they "saved face" by giving Einstein a Nobel prize - for something else - in 1921.  Energy healing is just as real, tangible and practical as E=mc2.




The energy that runs you is the energy that runs the universe.


A body without energy is a corpse.  Energy without a body may be a number of wonderful things, but none of them are a human.  To be a fully healthy human being, we must be concerned with the interface between the two.  It's not the body that matters; it's not the energy - it's the place where energy contacts the physical self.  Health, growth, self improvement, happiness and realizing your full potential occur when the energy contacts the physical self. 


Think of steam, water, and ice.  They are all the same thing.  They look different; feel different.  Our senses perceive them as being completely separate things, but if we are wise enough, we know better.  It is the same with body, emotion, mind, and spirit. 


The energy that runs a power plant, your toaster, or the orbit of the planets, is no different than the energy that runs a living organism (i.e. you!).   We tend to like to separate things into parts. (Is the problem my head or my stomach? . . . Is it physical or emotional? . . . etc.)  





Pull one string in the universe; the rest of the universe pulls with it


Every little thought you've ever had - every fleeting idea - every irrational fear - all your hopes, dreams and aspirations  . . . weave their way into your physical self.  They are you! and they are on display for all who have eyes to see.  Your physical body is only the condensed accumulation of your energetic - your emotional, spiritual, intellectual, mental self.  The key to understanding your "SELF" - your persona, your health, growth, happiness, self-improvement and realization of your full potential is intrinsically woven into the fabric of your body.  Your bones and muscles; guts and goo; nerves and gears and gismos - these are your soul.  They are the key to understanding how you look, how you act, how you think and how you feel.


None of your components (just like none of the universe's components) function in a vacuum; no part of you is completely healthy unless all parts of you are.  Just like tainted steam will condense to dirty water and ice, so will impure or blocked energy congeal into impure or blocked physical and mental health.  Bottled water companies  distill water by evaporating it into steam then condensing back into water - over and over again.  This is close in concept to what we do to evolve and grow.     Our health or illness is a result of these repeated evaporations and condensations.   For total health, energy, like blood, must circulate freely, without either blocks or hemorrhages.   Be aware of your thoughts, because they are your body, and vice versa.






What is Life?   


Suppose you walk into a large room.  At the distant end of the room, there are two people laying down.  One is dead, and the other is alive and healthy, but being very still.  From the distance, how could you tell which was which?  They are both anatomically the same.  They both have stomachs, biceps, sacroiliac joints, etc.  What's the difference?


From the perspective of mass, there is no difference.  Let's complicate it further.  The dead person was an athlete, in excellent shape.  The living person is in poor health - pale, anemic, emaciated.   From your distance, you'd quite likely pick the wrong one as the dead one.


The difference is all energetic.  So after a few minutes, you walk up very close.  You study very carefully, and you see that one person's chest is rising and falling in a rhythm.  You touch that person, and feel warmth, and then a pulse.  


So here is life.  Energy, rhythm, pulse, heat, frequency, vibration, movement, ebb and flow, flux, change, . . . without these things, you are dead.


Doctors learn about living bodies by cutting up dead people.  Could it be that they are missing something?






A Holistic Alternative


There exist holistic alternatives to standard western medicine.  Medical science has made great advancements in the quality of our lives, but it is not perfect.  Doctors can be like mechanics sometimes; concerned with the physical body - pipes, gears, connectors, chemical reactions -  which is only a fraction of your total self.   More and more, people are becoming concerned with the amount of pills pushed upon us by Big Pharma, and the synthetic, reactive and symptom-driven nature of some standard medical practices.  Likewise, psychiatrists deal with only the mental/emotional components; acupuncturists with the energetic component; “faith healers” with the spiritual component, etc.  All of these healers can document successes.  Millions of people have been healed by conventional medicine.  Millions have not. 


Another limitation of “non-alternative” healing is that all of these disciplines contain the tendency for the practitioner to fall in love with what (s)he does, not what you need.  Standard doctors, psychiatrists, chiropractors, etc. tend to apply what they do upon you, as if you were an object.  (To be fair, many alternative practitioners do this as much or more than doctors.)  You are the person with the need.  You are the person with the checkbook.  But it’s not about you, is it?  It’s about them; their practice, their diagnosis, their prescriptions. 


This results in a preoccupation with making the symptoms go away, or masking your awareness of the symptoms, as opposed to fixing the underlying root problem.  The doctor may even describe your health as not feeling the bad symptoms.  Your health is so much more than that!  In fact, same symptoms can come from a number of different causes, and if those root causes are properly addressed, the symptoms take care of themselves.  


If you go to the doctor, you are expected to have a complaint.  If you say, “I feel great!  I just want to keep feeling great.  I want to live a life of feeling better and better”, the doctor may not know what to do.  (S)he may think you are crazy.  But this is the sanest request you can make.  There should be no limit on how healthy you can be.





Please love your doctor


I AM PRO-DOCTOR!   I have a doctor. He is excellent, and provides me with health care that has improved the quality of my life.  Before the advance of modern Western Medicine, life expectancy was about 40 years old.  Western Medicine is obviously doing something right.  But Western Medicine is not limitless, and it is not perfect.  Since it is fundamentally based on so called "scientific method", anything that is not precisely explainable and reproducible is thrown out completely.  This is a great mistake.  And it points out a fundamental difference between two different views of health, and two different definitions of what “healthy” means.  These two systems should not be antagonistic.


Not everyone who comes to me with an illness is healed; not everyone who goes to my doctor with an illness is healed.  (Actually, my cure rate is higher, and my prevention rate is astronomically higher.)  But both my doctor and I understand that ultimately, we do not heal any one.  All healing comes from God and from within you. 


Please remember that this energy healing is supplemental.  I do not propose to take the place of your doctor.  In fact, for any medical condition, you should only come to me if your doctor is aware and fully approves.




To read about Holistic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic (Ancient Indian) Medicine, press the button below to go to Page Two.  Shortly after that, if you keep going, we'll get into auras, chakras, mysticism, and how you've built yourself and what to do about it.  





Page 2  What the Eastern Ancients and Sages Understood


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