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It's About You!


This page is the first of a few pages about me.  I am not too interested in talking about myself; I am more interested in you.  People have these questions, though, so perhaps you do too. 

I take my work very seriously, and I take your health very seriously, but the following few pages are for fun.  There are buttons at the bottom of this page that take you to other pages.  Those pages are presented light heartedly too, but there is some serious information in them as well.  Fun is good.  Lighten up.  Be happy.  Be healthy.  Have fun.

There are pages on this site full of serious information about energy healing and how I can help you.  Please read the Energy Healing Page and  the Total Health Page.  If you are looking for complete health, those are the pages designed to show you the way.  This page, and those that follow, are not designed for that.



The Bio

I was a psychic genius kid with loving parents.  I spent too much energy in my early years trying to be normal, and generally being in denial.  When I was 16, a friend of mine got arthritis.  Until then, I had little interest and no training in these sorts of things.  Her miraculous healing amazed and dumbfounded the doctors, but I was just more concerned that my destiny was to grow up to be a weird-o.  That's what happened.  But I did manage to do it in a reasonably well adjusted manner. 

In my pursuit of being normal, I went to a lot of school, and ended up with an MBA from UCLA's prestigious program, but I don't do much of that now.   I have also studied tons and tons of subjects from anatomy, toxicology, chemistry, biology, physical therapy, mysticism, Chinese medicine, ayurveda - I'm a total geek about it, and the list goes on and on.  But I have no credentials whatsoever in anyone else's practice of anything at all.  I have written a book - a definitive text about mass and energy, science and mysticism, which I hope will be a huge seller.  The title is ENERGY CONTACT,  which is the title of my television program.  The book has not been published yet, but it will be.  Look for it and buy it, won't you?    



For an energy healer, I'm really pretty normal - or at least that's what I want you to think.  I do not . . .

  • look or act "mystical"

  • have a long gray beard

  • wear muslin

  • gaze into a crystal ball

  • talk about things like "the sound of one hand clapping"

. . . or anything like that. 

There is a certain look and "feel" that so many psychic/metaphysical people have.  I'm not like that.  Those people give me a creepy feeling sometimes, just like they do to you, I guess.  Other people who come to me are initially  disappointed that I don't have that energy.  I get the feeling that they feel it's a part of the package that they are paying for.  

I am not here to either promote or attack any belief system you have either about me, or about yourself.  I am here to point out a pathway to your health, growth, happiness, self-improvement and the realization of your full potential.   If you are interested in my philosophy (but not religion) you can press the "Practical Advice" button below.   If you are interested about my spiritual beliefs, I'll talk to you about them if you really want, but it's not germane to what we do.







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